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Grades 2-5 Development

Learning and development opportunities

This page outlines OD&PL learning and development opportunities for colleagues working in roles graded two to five. To keep up-to-date about the latest opportunities you can follow OD&PL on Twitter @UniLeedsODPL, visit this page or join us for a monthly drop-in session.

Beginner's Guide to LinkedIn Learning

Join us for a session to explore how LinkedIn Learning can support your personal and professional development.

Career Development Programmes (Grade 2-5)

There are two programmes for colleagues in grade 2-5 roles supporting career development: Career Planning First Steps and Careers Information, Advice and Guidance.

Digital Essentials: The Basics of Microsoft Office Suite

These collections are part of our Digital Essentials training and will help you learn the basics of the essential Microsoft applications with bitesize videos. It includes Word, Excel, Outlook, MS Teams and PowerPoint.

Fresh Steps Development Programme (Grade 2-5)

This programme is designed for colleagues in grade 2-5 roles who are mid-career and want to reassess where they are in their lives and work, review their priorities, explore new possibilities and set new life and career goals.

How to make LinkedIn work for you (Grade 2-5)

This programme is designed to help members of our grade 2-5 staff community become more successful in their use of LinkedIn.

Monthly drop-in sessions (Grade 2-5)

Taking place every fourth Tuesday of the month, these drop-in sessions give you the chance to meet colleagues from OD&PL and explore learning and development opportunities for colleagues in grade 2-5 roles.

Navigator Development Programme for Men (Grade 2-5)

This programme is designed to help participants identify the practical and realistic steps that they want to take at work and at home, and then develop the skills and focus to do something about them.

Springboard Development Programme for Women (Grade 2-5)

This programme is designed specifically for women’s personal and professional development and covers topics including improving self-confidence, being more proactive, effective communication and assertiveness.

Other development opportunities you might be interested in

As well as our provision specifically designed for colleagues working in roles graded two to five, we also have several opportunities for all colleagues you might be interested in:

Coming soon:

  • Introduction to Team Leading - We are currently developing a programme to introduce staff in grade two to five roles to team leading. Information about this programme once available will be available on this page.

Other development opportunities from leadership and professional practice: 

  • Coaching and Mentoring - Information on coaching at Leeds and the University-wide Mentoring Scheme.
  • Digital Essentials for Staff - This training has been created to support colleagues in developing digital capabilities as part of their personal and professional development.
  • Equality and Inclusion - Explore a suite of equality and inclusion programmes, projects and events that support and underpin the Equality and Inclusion Framework.
  • LinkedIn Learning - As well as signing up to an introductory session, you can find out more about how LinkedIn Learning can support all colleagues in their personal and professional development and learning.
  • New staff welcome - Information and guidance for new staff to the university.
  • Skills Network - Find out more about the fully-funded Level 2 qualification we currently have on offer for staff at Leeds.
  • Wellbeing and Resilience - Access a range of online workshops, online resources and support to enable you to develop personal resilience and wellbeing.

All current opportunities from across OD&PL are also listed on one page on the main OD&PL website. Visit our training and events page to see development opportunities related to leadership and professional practice, digital practice and academic practice.