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Introduction to LinkedIn Learning (Grades 2-5)

All staff and students at Leeds get free access to LinkedIn Learning to support their personal and professional development.

As part of our programme of development for colleagues working in roles graded two to five, OD&PL want to introduce you to the ways LinkedIn Learning can support you.

As well as a guide for staff and an introductory article to LinkedIn Learning, we also be providing the following introduction sessions.

About the sessions:

This session provides you with the opportunity to explore LinkedIn Learning and how it can support your learning and development whilst at the University of Leeds.

Our LinkedIn Learning expert form OD&PL will share top tips for how to use the many features available within LinkedIn Learning for maximum personal and professional impact.

By the end of the sessions participants you will:

  • Be familiar with LinkedIn Learning
  • Understand the benefits for your personal and professional development
  • Appreciate the value associated with LinkedIn Learning
  • Know how to access LinkedIn Learning, either on a desktop, laptop or on your mobile phone

As part of the session participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Navigate the site
  • Search the site (saving courses)
  • Use the controls within a course (speed, language, closed captions, Q&A, Notes)
  • Add personalisation (using the ‘my goals’ features to set your skills, your career and learning goals)
  • Access LinkedIn, certificates, recommendations
  • Understand how to use portable devices and download courses.

What previous participants have said about the session:

“Even though I've been using LinkedIn learning this session showed me that I haven't been using it properly or to its full benefit”

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