Communication (UoL LEB – Communicating with Impact – part of Engage)

Communication Building Blocks – LinkedIn Learning

Communication is an integral part of the UoL Leadership Excellence Behaviours, whether that be at a cross-cultural level, team level or at an individual level. Effective communication is paramount in times of crisis and/or change and is predicated on sound listening, questioning and articulation skills.

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During our surgery sessions we identified and shared some key Top Tips:

  1. Have regular check-ins.
  2. Take a proactive approach.
  3. Give people a sense of belonging through building rapport.
  4. Give full attention (eg, lean in online).
  5. Offer options (eg, full attention for 2 minutes now, or 30 minutes later).
  6. Ask open questions (use Appreciative Enquiry)
  7. Don’t accept (just) nods as agreement or understanding (eg, summarise actions to clarify understanding).
  8. Consider your own and other people’s default communication styles (based on personality / behavioural models).
  9. In meetings, be clear on the key message you want to get across.
  10. Use polls in larger meetings.
  11. Don’t make assumptions.
  12. Pin top communicators in Chat function in Teams.


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