Delivering Results

Delivering Results (UoL LEB – part of Achieving)

Great Results or Happy People?

Delivering results is an integral part of the UoL Leadership Excellence Behaviours, whether that be at a cultural, team or individual level. All our individual, team and collective endeavours should work towards achieving the universities strategic outcomes for building and sustaining high levels of performance.

Additional LinkedIn Learning and other external resources:

Inclusive teams – The Learning Curve (podcast) – Episode 4 – The Pause with Paul Tennant

Creating a High Performance Culture

Building High-Performance Teams

Leading and Working in Teams

  • What are we currently doing to create and maintain high performance?
  • How well do we know our teams and colleagues as individuals? Why might that matter?
  • What else could we do?

During our surgery sessions we identified and shared a number of useful Tips:

  1. Review tasks for overlap and to clarify what old tasks can be ‘stopped’ as no longer a priority, to reduce workload.
  2. Gain support from your immediate line manager in setting a culture of trust.
  3. Share current successes to highlight new approaches.
  4. Use Teams Chat function for informal catch-ups.
  5. Use the phone function (but do not expect people to respond immediately – quick chat message first).
  6. Turn off notifications.
  7. For emails set up team inboxes, experiment with rotas or timings.
  8. Push back, bit by bit, to realign expectations.
  9. Be open and transparent about the need for shifting expectations.


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