Aurora Alumni

Introducing our Aurora Alumni

Welcome to our Aurora Alumni page, where you’ll find the details of some of our previous alumni from the Aurora Leadership Development Programme. As well as celebrating their participation in this programme, we also want to provide networking opportunities for colleagues who have completed Aurora or are considering joining a future cohort.

If you are a member of the Aurora Alumni community and would like to be added to this page, please email us at

Introducing our Aurora Alumni

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures

Professor Kate Nash

  • Deputy Dean, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures
  • Areas of interest: Faculty leadership

School of Music

Dr Freya Bailes

School of Languages, Cultures and Societies/Language Centre

Professor Bee Bond

  • Professor of English for Academic Purposes
  • Areas of interest: English for Academic Purposes; international students; language in the curriculum
  • Staff profile for Bee Bond

School of Languages, Cultures and Societies

Professor Catherine Davies

  • Professor of Language Development and Dean for Research Culture
  • Areas of interest: Language and Cognitive Development; Early Years Education
  • Staff profile for Catherine Davies

School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science

Professor Melanie Prideaux

  • Pro Dean for Student Education, AHC
  • Areas of interest: Student education; students as researchers; religion in Britain, particularly interfaith relations.
  • Staff profile for Melanie Prideaux

Faculty of Biological Sciences

School of Biology

Dr Elizabeth Duncan

School of Biological Sciences

Dr Jessica Kwok

  • Associate Professor
  • Areas of interest: Nervous system pathologies (e.g. dementia, memory, regeneration), extracellular matrix (e.g. carbohydrates)
  • Staff profile for Jessica Kwok

School of Biomedical Sciences

Dr Sarah Astill

Research Facilities

Dr Rebecca Thompson

Faculty of Business

Leeds University Business School

Accounting and Finance

Alice Shepherd

  • Associate Professor
  • Areas of interest: Innovative teaching approaches, Year in Industry, digital learning, scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Staff profile for Alice Shepherd


Professor Effie Kesidou

  • Professor of Economics of Innovation & Sustainability, Head of Graduate School (Business Faculty)
  • Areas of interest: Economics of Innovation; Sustainability; Green/Eco-Innovation; Economic Development; Systems of Innovation; CSR; Economic Geography
  • Profile for Effie Kesidou


Stacey Mottershaw

Dr Anna Viragos


Sally Chan

  • Senior Teaching Fellow in Marketing
  • Areas of interest: representations in advertising, sustainability in advertising, carbon literacy training, advertising archives, marketing communications
  • Staff profile for Sally Chan

Dr Vita Kadile

  • Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Marketing / Programme Director
  • Areas of interest: Research and pedagogical expertise in cognitive and behavioural entrepreneurship, marketing strategy
  • Staff profile for Vita Kadile

Research and Innovation Office

Sarah Shaw

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

School of Civil Engineering

Associate Professor Ornella Iuorio

Professor Gehan Selim

School of Mechanical Engineering

Professor Louise Jennings

  • Professor of Medical Engineering
  • Areas of interest: Bioengineering; biomaterials; biotribology: orthopaedics; cardiovascular; equality, diversity & inclusion
  • Staff profile for Louise Jennings

School of Physics and Astronomy

Dr Mamatha Nagaraj

Faculty of Environment

School of Earth and Environment

Dr Fiona Gill

  • Associate Professor in Palaeontology and Geochemistry and Academic Lead for Gender Equality

School of Geography

Dr Julie Peacock

  • Associate Professor in Ecology
  • Areas of interest: Plant Ecology; Pedagogic Research; Teaching in the Field; Global Citizenship in Education.
  • Staff profile for Julie Peacock

Professor Clare Woulds

  • Professor of Marine Biogeochemistry
  • Areas of interest: Sediment biogeochemistry, including current projects concerning Blue Carbon storage and deep sea mining. I also have experience of senior leadership at school level (deputy head of school and director of student education), as well as faculty level Athena Swan leadership.
  • Staff profile for Clare Woulds

Dr Pazit Ziv

  • Research Support and Impact Manager
  • Areas of interest: Academic Development Consultant, Impact Management, Project Management, Coaching, Scientific Editor
  • Staff profile for Pazit Ziv

Institute for Transport Studies

Dr Charisma Choudhury

Faculty of Medicine and Health

School of Healthcare

Rowena Dixon

Dr Angela Graves

School of Medicine

Professor Louise Bryant

  • Professor in Psychological and Social Medicine; Dean EDI
  • Areas of interest: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion; psychosocial aspects of healthcare
  • Staff profile for Louise Bryant

Michelle Ellwood

Dr Wendy Harrison

  • Lecturer in Biostatistics
  • Areas of interest: Biostatistics, quantitative research methods, Undergraduate and Postgraduate student education
  • Staff profile for Wendy Harrison

Dr Ai Lyn Tan

  • Associate Professor, Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist, Director of Research and Innovation at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Areas of interest: Rheumatology, Imaging
  • Staff profile for Ai Lyn Tan

Leeds Institute of Health Sciences

Dr Amy M Russell

Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine

Dr Sarah Kingsbury

  • Associate Professor and Musculoskeletal Strategic Lead
  • Areas of interest: Musculoskeletal conditions, health services, applied health research, clinical trials, intervention development
  • Staff profile for Sarah Kingsbury

Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development

Dr Rebecca King

  • Associate Professor in International Health
  • Areas of interest: Community Engagement, Antimicrobial Resistance, Applied Qualitative Health Research
  • Staff profile for Rebecca King

Faculty of Social Sciences

School of Law

Dr Jill Dickinson

  • Associate Professor in Law
  • Areas of interest: Student Education (particularly Learning Spaces and Belonging)’ Land Law; Tort Law
  • Staff profile for Jill Dickinson

School of Politics and International Studies

Dr Sahla Aroussi



Digital Education Service

Dr Megan Kime

  • Interim Director of Digital Education Service
  • Areas of interest: Strategic management, Team leadership, Online learning, Student education, Service design and delivery, Evaluation and continuous improvement


Sally Hall

  • Head of Finance
  • Areas of interest: Commercial Leadership, Finance Business Partnering, Planning and Forecasting, Performance Monitoring, Developing high performance teams


Maddy Mossman

Organisational Development & Professional Learning

Katie Leeman

Research and Innovation Service

Faye Robinson

  • Head of Research Development
  • Areas of interest: Research and innovation funding and development

Dr Shona Smith

  • Research and Innovation Development Manager, Priestley International Centre for Climate
  • Areas of interest: Climate research and innovation development
  • Staff profile for Shona Smith


Catherine Cho

  • Head of Governance Support
  • Areas of interest: Corporate governance, legal and regulatory compliance, institutional policies and procedures

Student Education Service

Claire Smith (Faculties of Biological Sciences and Medicine and Health)

  • Faculty Education Service Manager
  • Areas of interest: Management, leadership especially around people and change and service delivery