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Sustainability: The Role of the Manager

Course overview

This course is for managers/leaders who are new to sustainability, or have little applied experience of embedding sustainability in practice and feel they would benefit most from gaining a good understanding of sustainability and it’s strategic importance at the University of Leeds.  Participants on this course will:

  • develop a solid understanding of sustainability in the University context and what it means for their management and leadership roles;
  • learn about how to support their teams and colleagues in embedding sustainability
  • explore examples of sustainability in practice across different departments
  • Identify opportunities and barriers
  • develop an action plan for working collaboratively in their own areas.

The course is delivered in two parts:

  • Part 1: This covers the fundamentals of sustainability and how it is applied at the University of Leeds and is delivered through guided online self-learning. Part 1 must be completed before attending part 2 and will be sent to participants 2 weeks before attending part 2.
  • Part 2: This is a 3 hour facilitated session delivered online with the focus being on what your role as a manager is within sustainability, discussing challenges and opportunities and offering a chance for collaboration.

Find out more about sustainability at Leeds, including our Sustainability Strategy


Part 1 will be emailed to you after you have signed up for this course.

Part 2 will take place online from 1-4pm on Thursday 26 October 2023.

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