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The best leadership programme I’ve ever done! The programme did something really strong for the organisation – the spider web of networks – let’s benefit from this.

Abigail Harrison-Moore, Professor of Art History and Museum Studies and former Head of the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies.

The LPP website is split into three main sections.

1 – Leadership, which includes:

Leadership Excellence Behaviours of strategic thinking and decision making, purposeful leadership, creativity and innovation, engaging (collaboration and communicating with impact), achieving (delivering results and developing others), and underlying all of this, self-awareness (resilience and adaptability). We have included an introduction, the framework, the behaviours and a self-assessment.

Leaders Toolkit and Resources, which makes use of LinkedIn Learning and other external resources, organised around the key themes that connect closely to our Leadership Excellence Behaviours.

  • Decision-making.
  • Delivering results.
  • Leading and managing change.
  • Purposeful leadership.
  • Leading and managing remote working.
  • Self-awareness raising.

Leadership Development, workshops and programmes, which includes specifically:

  • First Steps to Leadership.
  • Learning to Lead.
  • Aurora.
  • HeadSpace.

And our Leadership Development Summer 2021 programme.

Psychometrics and 360 degree feedback, including externally sources psychometric assessment tools, such as, PPA (Personal Profile Assessment) through Thomas International, EQI for emotional intelligence, and our in-house 360 degree leadership assessment tool matched to the Leadership Excellence Behaviours.


2 – Management, which includes:

New to Management support, including managing remotely, building trust, complaints handling and managing yourself in time of anxiety. There is also links to the LinkedIn Learning New Managers Foundation, and our Remote Working Collection.

Management Essentials programmes for those with people management responsibilities. Management Essentials is a blend of online resources and short, practical workshops which address core people management processes and skills at the UoL, such as:

  • Equality and Diversity: The Role of the Manager.
  • Health & Safety: The Role of the Manager.
  • SRDS (Staff review and Development Scheme).
  • Sustainability: The Role of the Manager.

Managers Toolkit and Resource – this is an invaluable resource using LinkedIn Learning to help you become a successful manager. It is recognised you will bring your own experiences and technical skills, but you also need a range of others skills and attributes, therefore OD&PL have brought together a range of resources on the top areas managers need to develop to ensure greater effectiveness within their role; you might want to treat this as your basic survival guide, which covers things such as Delegating, Developing Others, Digital Accessibility, Effective 1-1’s, Team Working, Performance Management, Problem Solving, Recruitment, Setting Objective and Team Wellbeing.

Professional Practice Resources, focused on those stand alone areas many managers struggle with, such as, Change Management, Conflict Management, Planning, Project Management and Time Management.


3 – All Staff, which includes:

New Staff Welcome which is where you will find a range of useful links to staff benefits, essential information and opportunities for training, developing personal interests and physical exercise, as well as our extensive libraries and galleries.

Coaching and Mentoring where you will find lots of resources and guidance for mentees and mentors, and access to the University Wide Mentoring Scheme.

Equality and Inclusion, including programmes, resources and good practice.

Mandatory and statutory compliance training links:

  • Equality and Inclusion Introductory and Mandatory online module through the Equality Policy Unit.
  • Health & Safety Introductory and Mandatory online modules, including,
  • Fire Safety / Emergency Evacuation.
  • Data Protection.
  • Safeguarding.
  • Prevent.

Springboard for women grade 2-4, which is our four 1-day work and personal development programme.

Career development for grade 2-4/5 support staff, which is a new bespoke programme under construction, provisionally planned to run from April 2021.

Learning for Life Workshops, a series of online bite-size workshops for staff on grades 2-4, covering a variety of personal and work-related skills development.

Technicians Development including our Technicians Commitment Action Plan and the Higher Education and Technician’s Educational Development (HEaTED) workshops.

Academic Practice, which includes both academic and research specific practices.

Working Differently – Hybrid, where you will find;

  • Links to a range of workshops.
  • Additional resources, including an extensive LinkedIn Learning Collection, and UoL Digital Practice resources to support you and your team.

Wellbeing and Resilience where you will find resources, links and programmes to support you and your teams wellbeing and resilience, such as:

  • Personal Resilience Workshops, including:
    • Working with stress and emotions.
    • Working with change and uncertainty.
    • Understanding and managing anxiety and panic.
    • Mindfulness and attention skills.
    • Switching off – relaxation and sleep.
    • Active approaches to worry.
  • Supporting Others Wellbeing and Resilience.
  • Mindfulness at Work for Leaders and Managers.
  • Working with Change and Uncertainty.
  • Self-care and working within the COVID context.

Interventions and Impact of organisational, people and change interventions LPP have been engaged in, including:

  • projects and events,
  • people and change,
  • digital and student education related work,
  • leadership development,
  • co-created, co-facilitated and consultancy work.


You can link directly to Course Finder to search for, and book a place on, our workshops and programmes.

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