Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Webinars by Pearn Kandola

Pearn Kandola Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Webinars - Provided by OD&PL

OD&PL are providing colleagues the opportunity to access a series of webinars from Pearn Kandola – the world’s leading business psychology organisation specialising in equality, diversity and inclusion. The webinars, outlined below, support and underpin the University’s Equality and Inclusion Framework and provide important development for colleagues. Staff at Leeds can access the webinars via LinkedIn Learning with their free University of Leeds account.

OD&PL have commissioned these resources because high quality, accessible, learning and development opportunities will be essential in enabling our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.  We recognise that colleagues need greater access to a wider range of tools and resources to enable them to contribute to our University goals of universal values and global change.  We will continue to build a comprehensive offer that is timely, relevant and supports all of us to achieve these strategic ambitions.

– Professor Iyiola Solanke and Professor Louise Bryant, Deans for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), University of Leeds.

We hope to provide additional webinars and themes in due course which will be made available on this webpage. If there is a topic or theme you’re looking for which isn’t covered below, additional resources are available on our OD&PL Equality and Inclusion webpages and on LinkedIn Learning.

Racism at Work 

Psychologists from Pearn Kandola provide engaging evidence-based insight into key facets of modern racism in the workplace including patterns around racism in light of Covid-19, how to be an Active Bystander and management of micro-incivilities. Pearn Kandola is the world’s leading business psychology organisation specialising in Diversity & Inclusion. This collection includes the webinars:

  • Racism at Work in the Light of Covid-19
  • Be an Active Bystander
  • Managing micro-incivilities in the workplace

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Employee Pride: what really happens to your LGBT+ employees at work  

Psychologists from Pearn Kandola explore how to deconstruct the LGBTQIA+ acronyms – based on extensive research. They also explore situations which are exclusive and discriminatory with the LGBT+ lens in the workplace and mass attitudes and resulting stigmas associated with LGBT+ communities in the professional setting. Pearn Kandola is the world’s leading business psychology organisation specialising in Diversity & Inclusion. This collection includes the webinars: 

  • LGBTQIA+: Deconstructing the acronym
  • Discrimination and exclusion: Exploring LGBT+ experiences at work
  • It’s not the fish it’s the water: Attitudes, stigma and the LGBT+ community

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Big talk, little progress: gender equality in organisations  

Psychologists from Pearn Kandola present the fascinating evidence-based narrative around the existence of gender bias, what gender stereotypes really look like, the effect they bring and how we can mitigate this. Importantly also looking at how to manage gender-focused incivilities. Pearn Kandola is the world’s leading business psychology organisation specialising in Diversity & Inclusion. This collection includes the webinars: 

  • The invention of difference: the story of gender bias at work
  • Gender stereotypes: their prevalence, impact, and what to do about them
  • How to manage gender based micro-incivilities in the workplace

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How Inclusive is your Team? 

Inclusive workplace cultures not only benefit individuals and their wellbeing, but it’s also been proven to have tremendous organisational benefits. These include greater productivity, more engagement, and higher levels of innovation. This webinar, presented by Professor Binna Kandola OBE, examines what we mean by having an inclusive culture and addresses some of the challenges that we face in creating an inclusive culture when many people work remotely. 

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