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The Psychometrics range

The LPP Team have a range of psychometrics on offer, whether that is Click 360 feedback, behavioural, emotional or strengths based approaches.

Click 360 Degree Feedback

In partnership with Click 360, LPP offer this 360 degree feedback assessment. Click 360 degree feedback is a great mechanism for recipients to help raise awareness of how others perceive them, enabling them to celebrate strengths, and clarify perceived gaps or disparities so they can adjust their behaviours or develop their skills accordingly. For their colleagues, it allows them to give anonymous feedback that they may not feel comfortable giving in another format (for example, face-to-face). Click 360 degree feedback is a great tool to support and recognise employee performance and development, as well as managing change.


Most of the LPP Team are qualified to undertake PPA (Personal Profile Analysis) through Thomas International. PPA came out of the work of Dr. Thomas Hendrickson, who further developed Dr. William Moulton Marston’s DISC theory, specifically for the work-place.  These are highly reliable and validated psychological assessments. People are often hired and developed based on their education, knowledge and technical expertise, often what is overlooked is their interpersonal skills. Behavioural assessments ensures the right people are hired, enable staff to increase their self-awareness, and help individuals and groups to better communicate with each other, ensuring teams are more effective and productive. Following your assessment we provided a 1:1 coaching session which can focus on your; personal impact and development, leadership skills, on-boarding requirements, remote working agility – depending on which assessment you choose.


The LPP Team are also qualified to support EQI Assessments (Emotional Intelligence) through Psysoft. Emotional intelligence tests provide information to individuals to help them with their own self-management and self-development. The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue – pronounced TQ) used was developed, and is continually updated, by K.V. Petrides, PhD at his London Psychometric Laboratory, based at University College London (UCL).  Emotional intelligence is widely recognised as a valuable skill that helps improve communication, management, problem-solving, and relationships within the workplace. It plays a role in how well employees interact with their colleagues and influences how workers manage stress and conflict as well as overall performance on the job. Those who engage with this insight are supported by 1:1 coaching by a member of the LPP team.

To support colleagues we have a series of 15 short videos about developing your emotional intelligence available for you to watch. The videos explore different areas of emotional intelligence and explain each of these areas and why it’s important. They also provide three practical strategies you can use for your development.

Strengths Based Approach

We are qualified to run talent based assessments through Gallop (formerly CliftonStrengthsFinder). Strengths Finder is a talent based assessment where you discover what you naturally do best. It is based on the core belief that Talent x Investment = Strength. It has been recognised that focussing on our weaknesses wastes huge amounts of resources. While focussing on our strengths allows us to maximise these strengths to alleviate many of our less strong areas. Taking a strengths-based approach is a great means of improving employee-manager relationships. In addition to higher levels of engagement, research on Strengths-Based development shows that employees who receive strengths-based development experience increased performance, lower attrition and improved results.

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