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Exploring neurodiversity

This session is part of the psychosocial resources for personal wellbeing and professional competence series and looks at exploring neurodiversity – differences in perception, processing and organising information


The workshop aims to help participants to consider neurodiversity and reflect upon how it might affect the way we communicate, behave and work. The session considers neurodiversity as difference in perception, processing and organising information.

This workshop will be an introductory exploration of the concept of neurodiversity as an essential form of human diversity. The session will be an opportunity to consider different experiences of neurocognitive functioning, of how our minds work. We will consider neurodiversity as difference in perception, processing and organising information. The workshop will be an opportunity to reflect upon how these differences may change what we experience, the language we use and how we behave with each other; and what this might mean for work and the workplace.

This will not be a diagnostic session but will be a chance for you to consider ways that you organise information, and consider some ideas for concentration and planning

This session will be delivered online

Intended outcomes and benefits from attending

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Have a greater understanding of what neurodiversity means
  • Consider different ways of communicating
  • Think about conditions for concentration and planning


Desmond Reid, University of Leeds Staff Counselling service –Staff Counsellor – Des is a Registered and Accredited Psychotherapist.

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