Self-care and self-organisation for flexible or hybrid working

Session title:

Personal Resilience: Online self-care and self-organisation for flexible or hybrid working: exploring the conditions for supporting yourself in new ways of working in hybrid or flexible working situations


This session sits within the Personal Resilience Suite of Workshops to support staff with the challenges of transitioning to new ways of working and living as we come through the pandemic. It will include exploring theories of adapting to change, flexibility and choices for personal/professional effectiveness and self-care with different versions of hybrid working.

The session covers theories of stress, change, adaptation, planning and personal risk management. Participants will explore ways of stabilising themselves to better negotiate the changing conditions of work and life. This includes considering the external conditions that support working in different places and the ongoing challenges of increased screen time and the importance of mitigating information overload and digital burnout. The session will help colleagues to normalise concerns, assess worries and help them plan for moving forward, continuing to develop their confidence and competencies in working in times of upheaval.

This workshop is facilitated by colleagues from Staff Counselling and Psychological Support Service.

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