Introduction to management

This will be the first session delivered in the Management Essentials Programme and it is advised that colleagues who want to attend multiple sessions should book their attendance on this first workshop.

This session will look at the requirements and responsibilities that you have as a manager when at the University of Leeds. It will give an overview of what is expected when managing people and what is best practice for example, how often should you be holding 1-1’s. The workshop will cover how to manage your team effectively, an overview of the Management Essentials programme and how HR are able to support you as a manager.

This workshop is delivered in partnership with colleagues in HR and OD&PL and will require input from all participants to share knowledge and expertise they may have.


There are currently no dates for this session available to book but you can register your interest for future sessions and we will be in touch when new dates are available. New dates will be advertised on this webpage. You can view more information about Managers Guidance on the HR website.


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