Personal Resilience for Professional Competence: A programme of workshops

Resilience is the ability to manage and sustain or restore balance and performance in times of change. The Leadership and Professional Practice team in OD&PL and the Staff Counselling and Psychological Support Service continue to join forces to offer a range of workshops to develop self-awareness and self-management skills. Positive models and individual strategies are covered to resource work, life and organisational change. They are an opportunity to gain ideas and tools to help sustain your personal resources and adaptability during these unprecedented times and the demands they place on our coping strategies. These workshops dovetail together and can also be taken individually by delegates.

We have selected these workshops, and the newly added ‘Self-Care and self-organisation for flexible or hybrid working’¬†which also now stands as an open-course to book onto, for our programme as they are particularly relevant to the stresses, strains and uncertainty in our personal and professional lives associated with the coronavirus pandemic. We have identified that one of the consequences of increased working from home has been to impact colleagues work-life balance. This impact may continue as work patterns involving a combination of working from home and on campus evolve; and as we learn to manage periodic and localised lockdowns. To get the most out of your workshop please try to allocate a quiet private space for yourself to participate and try to avoid booking anything directly for at least 20 minutes before or after the workshop. These selected workshops have been adapted to be offered online via MS TEAMS. For anyone new to MS Teams there will be an opportunity to learn how to navigate around the application and you can also browse further University guidance on using MS Teams

To find out more please contact the Staff Counselling and Psychological Support Service
Telephone 0113 34 33694 or e-mail or to book on these courses go to

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