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Fresh Steps Development Programme (Grades 2-5)

About the Programme

Fresh Steps is a three-month innovative personal and work development course. It enables people to view their professional progress, reassess their priorities and direction and set and achieve new personal and work goals.

Who is the course designed for?

Fresh Steps is for anyone at work who wants to reassess where they are in their lives and work, review their priorities, explore new possibilities and set new goals.

If you’ve been asking yourself the following questions, this course could make the world of difference to you and provide the support you need to take a step in a new direction.

  • Are you wondering what might be next?
  • Do you feel stuck in your career?
  • Do you ever wonder what living your best life could look like?
  • Are you looking to be more fulfilled at work and at home?
  • Do you want to press the reset button?

Results from the programme vary from person to person as everyone sets their own aims and objectives. Some people concentrate on moving onward in their careers, whilst others prefer to focus on their quality of life outside work. Most have their own unique blend of both personal and work objectives. Participants walk away with a new spring in their step, open to new challenges and with a renewed sense of optimism and purpose.

The programme content includes:

  • A snapshot of where you are now
  • Your life in context
  • Your personal strategy for dealing with change
  • You and your work
  • Being fit for life
  • Setting priorities
  • Your relationships with other people
  • Your relationship with time
  • Clearing out your attic
  • Marking your successes
  • Presenting yourself and your experience positively
  • Risk and failure
  • Setting goals
  • Putting your goals to the test

Among many things, the programme aims to:

  • Boost confidence so enabling experienced workers to think about themselves more positively
  • Enable participants to appreciate the benefits they gain from work
  • Improve mental flexibility and stamina
  • Increase networking
  • Discover untapped ideas and skills
  • Tackle issues of inter-generational working, thus improving communication
  • Address real issues for real people inside real organisations, so is relevant and up-to-date
  • Massively increase the chance of participants putting ideas into action - ownership
  • Encourage people to try new things

This is what you need to undertake Fresh Steps:

  • The interest and desire to look into yourself and to change what needs changing
  • Be willing to spend time at home completing exercises and reading between sessions
  • The commitment to attend all workshops (in person and online). It is important that this time is agreed with your line manager

The programme will give you information, skills, and support but the rest is up to you – and we look forward to being on the journey with you!

Upcoming programme dates, booking information and info session

The Spring 2024 programme will take place on 1 May, 2 May and 11 June. Participants must be able to attend all three of these dates.

Information session – 8 February 2024, 11am – 12noon

This session is for those who are interested in learning more about what the Fresh Steps Programme will entail. It will be an opportunity to hear more about the Fresh Steps programme, ask any questions you have and experience how you'll work together by engaging in some activities. Attending will not guarantee your space on the programme but will give you the opportunity to consider if it is the right programme for you. Attendees of the information session will also be able to access a priority booking window.

Sign up for the info event on 8 February


What previous participants have said about the programme:

“I am enjoying the opportunity to take stock of things and to challenge some of my thinking”

“The course has made me actively think about things I had forgotten, achievements, coping strategies, the importance of stress management, relaxation to name but a few. I am currently feeling very positive and I know where I can go to refresh these feelings if they start to dip in the future.”

“I recently attended the Fresh Steps programme run by Leadership and Professional Practice. I felt static in my current role and thought this may be a good opportunity to consider where I wanted to be in my career and maybe why I felt ‘stuck’.  There were small groups within the programme that really encouraged us to take action and focus on what is really important to us.  It was great to network with people who I would not normally see on campus, and it helped to understand their struggles and realise I was not on my own.”

“It was harder than I thought it would be, you have to put in the hard work yourself”

In conversation with...

Hear from one of our learners who has completed the Fresh Steps programme.