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Career Development Programmes (Grades 2-5)

Please browse the following opportunities for colleagues working in roles graded two to five which focus on career development.

Career Planning First Steps (Grade 2-5 Staff)

The Career Planning First Steps session gives participants the opportunity to look at where they are in their career, reflect on their achievements, identify any future goals and start to create a career plan for themselves.

What previous participants have said about First Steps:

“The atmosphere of the Career Planning First Steps sessions was relaxed and friendly which helped us when it came to sharing personal experience, hopes and fears. The session gave me the opportunity to meet others and learn about their experience and challenges when it comes to career planning as well as helping me to reflect on my own career and future aspirations. At the end, we were provided with useful resources we could use, and we were also told about other training courses available for staff to help their personal/professional development. I would highly recommend attending this course, as a first step, to anyone entertaining the idea of making changes to their careers.”

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Careers Information, Advice and Guidance (Grade 2-5 Staff)

This programme consists of three modules providing colleagues with career planning and development support. The programme covers:

  • Effective CVs, skills profiles and job applications
  • Effective interview skills
  • Mock interview practice

What previous participants have said about this programme:

“It was a very informative session, providing an opportunity to practically address challenges with CV writing. It was nice to get to know other people in my service and discuss career journeys and ambitions.”

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