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Equality and Inclusion

Equality and Inclusion Development and Resources

We are engaged in a variety of equality and inclusion programmes, projects and events that support and underpin the Equality and Inclusion Framework, as well as the various charter marks and sub-frameworks. Browse these opportunities of equality and inclusion development and resources.

Aurora Leadership Development

Leadership development programme aimed at supporting women in, or aspiring to, leadership positions.

Digital Inclusion and Accessibity

The Digital Practice website has a wide range of technologies to support student education and research which supports the University’s strategic priorities relating to digital and inclusion.

E&I An Introductory Module

This module, offered through the E&I Unit and hosted on Minerva, gives all staff a baseline perspective on Equality and Inclusion relative to our work at the UoL.

E&I: The Role of the Manager

This forms part of our Management Essentials suite of programmes.

EDI Resources - Protected Characteristics

A selection of additional resources split by Race, Disability, LGBT+, Gender and Intersectionality.

Inclusive Research Culture

Visit the OD&PL Researcher Support website to find out more about our ongoing work to create and promote a positive and inclusive research culture.

Inclusive Teaching and Assessment

Visit the OD&PL Student Education Development website to read more about the design and delivery of teaching and assessment methods that benefit all our students.

LinkedIn Learning EDI Pathways and Collections

Transformative learning pathways, current thinking and best practices on essential topics and protected characteristics.

LOGIK Centre: EDI courses

Visit the LOGIK centre to find out more about fully funded level 2 courses through the Skills Network covering such topics as E&I, Autism, Mental Health, Living in a Fair and Diverse Society.

Managing stress and mental health

Role based competencies for working with issues around stress and mental health at work to support our Integrating Staff Support to Improve Wellbeing at Work.

Northern Power Inclusion Matters

Resources to support shared characteristics mentoring, leadership, industry collaboration and EDI in general.

Springboard Career Development

A career development programme for grade 2-4 female staff

More information

Visit the Equality & Inclusion Unit website for an array of other support and resources.