Equality and Inclusion: The Role of the Manager

Please note, this course is currently being redesigned for online delivery.

Equality and Inclusion: The Role of the Manager covers the legal framework, especially in relation to the Equality Act 2010 and the Public Sector Duty, and subsequent legal updates since that time, such as those around trans and disability. The Equality & Inclusion Unit has analysed staff and student data in relation to equality descriptors and their intersectionality, but each member of staff is a unique individual with their own set of skills and abilities which allows them to carry out their roles and each has different needs and aspirations both in and outside of work.

Through recognising and valuing this diversity, and building a sense of inclusivity and belonging, leaders and managers can support staff members in making their best possible contribution to the success of the University.

This session provides an overview of how each stage of the employee life-cycle, from pre to post employment, and everything in between, plays its part in creating an inclusive culture.


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