Purposeful Leadership

Purposeful Leadership

The instructor of the Leadership Foundations course on LinkedIn Learning presents as part of the course

Purposeful leadership is fundamental to effective leadership, whether that be at a strategic, team or individual level. Purposeful leadership ensures we achieve our goals on both a human and task level.

LinkedIn Learning and external resources:

Tips on purpose leadership

Some useful tips for purposeful leadership from our leaders and managers surgeries were:

  • Start with the ‘why’.
  • View the Universal Values, Global Change – University of Leeds Strategy 2020-30
  • Instigate reflection time (practice being a reflective practitioner).
  • Utilise new technologies to engage team, eg, Padlet, MS Polls, to ensure all voices are heard.
  • Get to know your individual team members needs and motivators to align to goals.
  • Set Agenda’s to incorporate Calls to Help, Top Tips, Victories, Time for Me.
  • Incorporate behavioural as well as task orientated goals.


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