Using psychological perspectives to understand and manage professional relationships

The aim of this course is to provide leaders and managers with the opportunity to explore how an understanding of psychological models can help illustrate how leader’s behaviours can be best modified to achieve successful outcomes at work. The workshops are designed to provide an impetus to create a new momentum for change, as well as helping participants to understand the need to analyse/select behaviours at work and how this may be accomplished. Specific reference is made to the potential challenges of hybrid working and the peculiar behaviours which may manifest themselves.

Some of the models which will be used are:

  • Transactional Analysis
  • The Drama Triangle
  • Quinby Durable
  • OK Corral

The delivery of this topic is over two workshops and participants must attend both. Participants are asked to use the ideas discussed during the first workshop to observe working relationships and adapt their responses as required, and then be prepared to share their experiences on workshop number 2. The workshops are highly interactive, and the small group size allows for ongoing discussions of the main themes and related themes which are most valuable to the participant.

Dates: There are no dates currently available to book. Further dates will be available in: March, May/June – specific dates will be advertised on this page.

Facilitator: The facilitator for these sessions will be Marcus Hill

There is currently no available dates to book – express your interest for this course.

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