Mindfulness at Work for Leaders and Managers

Mindfulness at Work for Leaders and Managers: a two-day programme

The aim of this two-day course is to introduce mindfulness and the mindfulness-based approach to mental balance, personal effectiveness and responding to stressful situations.

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Rationale – Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose in the present moment. It is an inherent human capacity that can be developed through meditation based practices. Training develops the capacity to be open and aware of a wider range of experience and to relate differently and more effectively to both pleasant and unpleasant features of day to day life. It involves paying conscious attention to thoughts, feelings and body sensations in a way that increases awareness, acceptance and self-compassion. This can help to manage difficult experiences, and create space to make wise choices and decisions. Mindfulness Based Programmes have shown them to be effective in reducing perceived stress and enhancing resilience as well as improving relationships, sharpening attention and aiding self-regulation and mental balance. The development of attentional stability contribute to workplace outcomes; effectiveness in task control and decision making, communication skills, conflict management and collaboration; capabilities which are specified in the University Leadership Excellence Behaviour framework. There is growing evidence that the mindfulness skills can complement those required for the leaders.

‘Mindfulness training and practice leads to improvements in collaboration, resilience and leading in complexity’. Reitz et al, 2016.

The mindful leader programme:
The skills of Marcus Hill, Leadership Development Advisor (OD&PL) and Sally Rose Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Teacher (SCPSS) are brought together to offer this 2 day training in mindful leadership.

Day one – Learning to be mindful
The practice and theory of Mindfulness at Work. A mindfulness based approach to establishing mental and emotional balance.
• The difference between conscious mindful presence and running on autopilot
• The personal and professional power of being present
• Mindful awareness of habitual patterns of mental functioning and relating to experience
• Creating mental space and moving from habitual automatic reactions to chosen responses -the mindfulness mediated response
• Mindfulness in working life

Personal practice – you will have a programme of guided meditation practices and related exercises to practice in the three week period between the two workshops.

Day two – The mindful leader and manager
Applying the skills and qualities of mindfulness based mental balance to professional effectiveness.
• From mindless to mindful work – making space internally and externally– boundaries.
• The mindfulness meditated HR decision or response
• Situation analysis – and choosing rather than reacting
• Change Strategies for Imposed Change and Inspired Change
• Identifying when and where it most likely to be most helpful / difficult – what presses your buttons
• The overlap between mindful self-care and self-management and effective HR work
• Applications and insights
• Taking it forwards in working life

This programme is for University of Leeds Leaders/Managers with no experience of mindfulness and Leaders/Managers who have done some mindfulness training or practice and who wish to deepen it and explore the application to their leadership role. This programme has been adapted for online.


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