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Establishing your Leadership

Establishing your Leadership Programme

Programme overview:

This programme is for leaders who are just starting to find their feet in a new leadership role but still feel in transition. The programme is to help leaders make sense of their early experiences, build on their growing understanding of their leadership strengths and start to apply skills in team building, cross-university collaboration and leading through uncertainty. The programme is delivered fully online.


The programme is designed for leaders who are at least 6 months into a leadership role and still feel in transition.

Dates and applications:

All of our 2023/24 cohorts have now started and are no longer available to apply for. Further cohorts will be available in the next academic year and you can express your interest to get updates about the new cohorts in 2024/25.

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Module Details

This programme contains four modules. Details of each module can be found below.

Module 1: Leading yourself

Pre-work for Programme and Module 1

  • Welcome video (short introduction to the programme – the key themes)
  • Leadership article/s Purposeful/Authentic Leadership
  • Understanding self
  • Drivers Questionnaire self-assessment
  • Self-reflection - what do the results say about you – strengths and performance risks

Module 1: Leading Yourself

  • Purpose values and strengths
  • Authentic leadership – your leadership narrative
  • Emotional Intelligence: understanding self and others and the importance of pausing to think about the impact of impulse control, reality testing, problem-solving
  • What do I start, stop continue doing?

Module 2: Building team effectiveness

Pre-work for Module 2

  • What I have learned from Module 1 and what will I continue to do, stop doing and
  • start doing?
  • Leadership styles questionnaire
  • Exploring trust
  • TED Talk / Article review – relevant topic e.g., Motivation in the 21st Century.
  • Introduction to inclusive and transformational leadership.
  • The traits of inclusive leadership – how do you measure up?

Module 2: Building Team Effectiveness

  • Creating high performing teams
  • Exploring the behaviours and ways of working for and in the team to
  • ensure the team is effective and supportive.
  • Developing a feedback culture
  • How to build your team in times of transformational change
  • Reflection – Reviewing – Reconnecting - Rebooting

Module 3: Leading across the University


  • Personal reflections questionnaire
  • What I have learned from Workshop 2 and what will I continue to do, stop doing and start doing?
  • Coaching for Development – Managers Guide
  • TED Talk / Article review – relevant topic – e.g., Lencioni
  • 5 dysfunctions of a team – what to notice
  • Team climate check – assessment

Module 3: Leading Across the University

  • Setting direction and vision
  • Manage competing priorities - variable resources and workloads –setting shared goals
  • Collaborating across boundaries
  • Managing and leading multi-functional teams
  • Managing in a hybrid environment

Module 4: Leading through uncertainty and challenging times

Pre-work for embedding learning from Module 3 and programme as a whole

  • Watch stimulus on psychological safety
  • TED Talk / Article review – relevant topic – eg Amy Edmonson – Fearless Organisation
  • Bringing the themes together – self, others, the organisation
  • Prepare an outline of a time when you have faced a significant challenge at work

Module 4:  Leading Through Uncertainty and Challenging Times

  • Managing through VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times)
  • Choose effective mindsets in fast moving change - becoming comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity and seeing the benefits
  • Building psychological safety for teams
  • Developing resilience in self and others
  • Problem-solving, innovation and making decisions

Post Programme work:

Embedding learning from Module 4 and programme as a whole:

  • Re-visit the work you prepared around a challenging time at work. What would you
  • do differently as a result of the work you have undertaken?
  • Spotting and capitalising on development opportunities moving forward
  • What is next for me….future development planning

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