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Working with our minds


Even before the pandemic, email was consuming more work time and electronic media more of our time overall – and now internet access and our use of social media and working online has increased exceptionally. Whilst there are many ways in which electronic media enhance our working and personal lives they are also cited as a source of stress and can take us over. Indeed, much of the electronic communications activity we engage in is designed to hijack attention and become addictive.

Outcomes and benefits

This interactive online workshop will introduce you to psychological perspectives on our use of email, the internet and social media, especially when so much of our leisure and work is through these mediums. Based on this knowledge the workshop will offer strategies for taking control of attention, managing your engagement with email and social media, to get some respite and reclaim some mental space. We will think about how our minds work online and through social media and consider different ways to work healthier


Tutor: Nicola Neath; University of Leeds Staff Counsellor and Trainer - Nicola is a MBACP Accredited Psychotherapist.

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