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Leading Transformational Change

Leading Transformational Change Programme

Programme overview:

This programme is for established leaders who are responsible for leading change and will focus on planning, accelerating and embedding change effectively. The workshops will help leaders make sense of their transformation challenges currently and ahead, take steps to connect with and influence others on that journey and learn how to successfully embed cultural change. The programme is delivered fully online.


Leaders who are at least 12 months in role and are responsible for leading a change initiative.

Dates and applications:

The next programme will run in 2023/24, to express your interest email and we will contact you once dates are available and applications are open.

Module Details

Module 1: Leading Self Through Change and Transformation

  • Identify and share your experience of change.
  • Understand why change is happening and how it affects performance
  • Identify the key leadership behaviours needed to implement transformation

Module 2: Leading Others Through Change and Transformation

  • Understanding why change succeeds or fails and the neuroscience behind human experience of change
  • Identify the principles behind successful transition and how to manage resistance
  • Apply the mapping tool and develop transition plans for their teams

Module 3: Embedding Transformation Within Your Team

  • Understand how and why successful cultural change is achieved
  • Develop the capability to use the Influencer change model
  • Use the Influencer change model as a diagnostic tool and an action planning tool on a live change challenge

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